If you want to convert a series of 1′s and 0′s to text, ask a computer. If you want to convert a voice message into a text message, ask a human.

VoiceCloud transcriptions are made from people!
(Credit: VoiceCloud)
That’s the crux of the argument given by VoiceCloud, which launched into the voice-to-text fray on Tuesday with a speedy, employee-focused transcription service.
Speech-to-text is a huge trend in wireless and Web apps this year that–judging from the numerous services showcased at the CTIA Wireless conference in Las Vegas this week–is heating up as an important frontier in cell phone software. You may have read about Spinvox and SimulScribe, and CallWave, but according to VoiceCloud CEO Gerald Marolda, his company’s service gives a faster, more faithful experience than letting software do linguistics.
With VoiceCloud, the voice message is broken into chunks using an in-house, proprietary software, and … Read full post & comments

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